Mancos Conservation District Board of Supervisors

The Mancos Conservation District is served by a volunteer board of supervisors. These seven devote their time and energy to helping landowners resolve issues associated with increasing population and meeting increasing demands on all natural resources in our watershed. They provide educational, financial and technical assistance to local landowners to improve agricultural and livestock sustainability. They are working with the Colorado River Salinity Control Forum in cooperation with the NRCS to instal pipelines and irrigation systems that replace dirt ditches. This will reduce soil erosion and saline sediment transport.

The board of supervisors also conducts and sponsors workshops in integrated weed management, water irrigation seminars and rangeland management.

The board is currently working on a project to replace old, dysfunctional water diversions along the Mancos River. Several projects have been completed to improve fish and aquatic health on the river.

Please call and ask for information on any of the above!


Boad President 

ROBERT BECKER, Board Vice President 

TERRY MOORES, Board Secretary/Treasurer 

BEN WOLCOTT, Board Member 

LEE-ANN HILL, Board Member 

TRAVIS CUSTER, Board Member 

JACK BURK, Board Member 



Disctrict Manager 

PATRICK CLEMENTS, Natural Resource Technician